Month: July 2016

Just in Time Society

“Growing up my grandfather told me to keep my car ½ full all the time.” Back in the day, when our parents and grandparents had to walk to school 5 miles in the snow (uphill both ways) people understood that sometimes you had to wait for things. Most stores were closed in the evening and on […]

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240 Years & We’re More Dependent Than Ever

“Where would we be if suddenly all the tech that drives most of the conveniences we enjoy suddenly stopped working?” I’m headed to the UK for a couple of weeks of strategic planning and catching up with colleagues in the newly Brexited environment. At the same time, it’s just after our own Brexit day here […]

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More Prepared Than You Think

“My point here is that it’s really not that hard, so what’s the hold up? Be creative.” When someone talks about disaster preparedness most people automatically go to thoughts of Katrina, Sandy, huge fires or earthquakes. At that point the whole topic is shut down in the vast majority of brains. It’s too big. It’s […]

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