Month: October 2016

All Frosting, No Cake

So I was catching up on my reading while watching most of my football picks choke this morning (some weeks are just like that right?) when I came across this bit of wisdom from Seth Godin: Essentially he makes the case that the hardware is a pretty case, but it’s software that makes it […]

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The Power of a Network

Papa Johns Driver Checks on Grandma After Hurricane I came across this story today while perusing a food blog (hey feedly doesn’t need to be populated with all serious stuff ya know). It struck me as a great example of how people will find ways to solve problems. Our networks today span the globe, not […]

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Imagine That

What does 2035 look like? Who knows. That’s not the point. When we were kids it was nothing to simply invent a tool, power, or state of being that solved our problems. Your buddy just zap you with his laser? No problem…now you’re self- healing and activated your invisibility cloak. It was just that simple. […]

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