The Power of a Network

Papa Johns Driver Checks on Grandma After Hurricane

I came across this story today while perusing a food blog (hey feedly doesn’t need to be populated with all serious stuff ya know). It struck me as a great example of how people will find ways to solve problems. Our networks today span the globe, not just our block or our home town. With technology and social media we in the emergency preparedness business need to stop thinking in terms of the community being proximal. It’s not. It’s global and our support networks can easily cross multiple time zones.

During Sandy a friend of mine in North Carolina loaded up a bunch of gas cans and drove fuel to his boss in the affected area. Others did similar things to help out people in need. Once a need is known via whatever media channel people will rally to help. The support networks have evolved and adapted to the availability of information. Action matters, and a motivated network won’t be deterred by time or distance challenges.

In this case a family used a pizza for not only a hot meal but a truly creative way to check on a elderly family member. Well done! Papa Johns deserves a shout out for helping. They didn’t have to. Yet, here’s a pizza driver using his own phone to help out a stranger. That’s what the majority of people do in times of need. They help.

Never underestimate the power of a network.

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