What We Do

Crisis Management Strategy

  • We can help design a crisis management strategy that ties all of your business continuity needs together in an integrated program that makes BCM business as usual.

Exercise Development & Facilitation

  • When you get ready for a triathlon, you run, swim and bike…a lot. It’s the same in crisis management: the more you train the better you get. We can design and deliver exercises that will test your plans and teach your people. Don’t wait for race day to try on your shoes.

Executive Crisis Leadership Training

  • The role of the executive in a crisis requires a balance of strong presence and giving your people space to work. Our training helps you prepare for the spotlight of leadership when everything goes sideways and all eyes look to you.

Preparedness Training

  • Being prepared is more than a plan, it’s a way of being. Somewhere between an underground bunker and an empty cupboard is the sweet spot most of us can maintain. We offer entertaining common sense training for individual and business disaster preparedness.

Local Government

  • All emergencies are local, so the saying goes, and local government is the tip of the spear when it comes to emergency management. We can help you develop plans and strategies to meet your obligations to your constituents and ensure your communities needs don’t get lost in the melee when the army of State, federal and NGO help arrives.


  • Need a speaker for an event? Rob has spoken at conferences around the world on a wide variety of topics related to leadership, emergencies and public affairs. Drawing on a colorful career as a paramedic and emergency management executive he delivers informative talks in a relaxed and entertaining style.

Start Up Advice

  • Got an idea that’s the next best thing to help out local government or emergency services? Need help or advice about market demand, government procurement or feedback on your idea’s marketability? Rob is recognized as a leader and innovator in the government space and can help you get your questions answered, do market analysis and even make introductions or be your advocate.